Moonlit Adventures


Kenji and his family were visiting Queenstown from Singapore and not only did they want to see the beauty of our night skies, they really wanted to create some beautiful images to remind them of their incredible trip. We worked with Kenji before hand via email and when the evening came around, our local knowledge and DOC concessions really came into play.

The moon was almost full, which you’ll hear many people say doesn’t make for great photos. We beg to differ, the sky just looks a little different to when the moon isn’t there, and the soft creamy light from the moon makes our landscapes really shine in the most unique and beautiful fashion.

As the evening rolled around, there was another factor which came into play, the weather. There’s really not much we can do to change that, but we do know how to work with it.


The weather changed rapidly at the last minute, so we decided to carry on and go and meet everyone to discus the situation, after all, you’re not always here for a long time so we really do need to make the most of it. We all agreed that it was the night for an adventure and we put faith into finding those stars in the sky, backed up of course by lots of local knowledge and DOC concessions allowing us the freedom to explore some incredible places way off the beaten track.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience last night. It was such an amazing experience of being constantly on the move and playing a game of cat and mouse with the stars. Your infectious energy really liven up the whole experience for us and the overall experience is going to be one that lasts us a lifetime.

The two locations we visited, Moke Lake and Skippers Saddle worked amazingly. The inversion layer, a fairly thick cloud, provided the most amazing back drop by the lake and we were able to stop along the back country road every time we found some clear pockets and create beautiful images.

Skippers Saddle, on the foothills of Coronet Peak was above the cloud and the views all over the Wakatipu Basin were jaw dropping, a sight that many Queenstown Local haven’t even seen. A cup of warm Milo to warm our insides and conditions were perfect to capture the last remaining shots before we returned everyone back to the Sherwood full of the real backcountry kiwi adventure spirit.