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AuthenticAs are unique…

There are plenty of 4WD tours out here. There are a fair few professional photographers around these parts. There are some people with lots of knowledge about the local environment and sustainability.

We’re the only ones who bring this all together into one luxurious package tailored just for you. We’re passionate, knowledgable, skilled, locally owned & operated. We’ll create an unforgettable experience for you in the Southern Lakes and you’ll cherish your breathtaking photographs for decades to come.

Scroll down to find out more about what we do and where we go. We know you’ll love what you see. We can’t wait to show you around one of the most amazing places in the world.

Luxury Private Charter 4WD Experiences in Queenstown New Zealand - Professionally Photographed every step of the way

For many visitors to our part of the country, there is a great desire to explore and truly discover our mountainscapes. We specialise in breathtaking New Zealand landscape photography proudly using Nikons finest professional camera equipment and lenses. We capture you naturally within our unique authentic documentary style.

Using our beautiful Land Rovers and knowledge of where we call home, we will show you the many places within our hundreds of DOC routes we have concessions to use as locations with the reassurance of a full safety audit from Qualworx New Zealand.

Based in Queenstown we have four simple options for you to begin with, AROUND THE BASIN, TOP & BACK, TRAIL SHOTS and STARRY NIGHTS. If you have a full day spare or more, talk to us with the time you have available and we will shape a BESPOKE tour, adventuring further. Phone and chat to EMMA on 0212472211 or and we'll work with you. We keep our business small and focus on our photography craft and the unique environment. Our goal is to make your photography dreams come true.


Top & Back

Skippers Canyon

Glenorchy is the Iconic New Zealand town that sits at the top of Lake Wakatipu. We'll drive you there in style, with stories of the people and place along the way. We schedule 2 stops on the way there or back, and one session in town. This is the perfect way to create Professional Travel Photographs of you for many decades to come.

They say the Skippers Road is recognised for three unique factors, its landscape, its route and the stories it holds. Our private charter 4WD adventure is perfect for your holiday here in Queenstown. Sit back and relax as you travel in luxury, you don’t even need to remember your camera, we’ll professionally photograph your trip out with us.


Around the Basin

You're in Queenstown on holiday without much time. You'd love some Professional Travel Photography of your trip. We're here to help you out. We drive you in our Land Rovers, to one of many locations close to the Queenstown CBD and create some breathtaking photographs with you and, your family and friends.

Trail Shots

Trail Shots has been put together so you can have professional mountain bike photography of you and your mates riding your bikes here in Queenstown New Zealand. We are DOC approved to work at Seven Mile and Rude Rock with a few other trails in the Wakatipu Basin. We've been shooting mountain biking for years and we're real good at what we do.

Starry Nights

One of Queenstown's greatest attractions is the night sky. Have you ever wanted to stare right into the centre of our galaxy with your naked eye and be able to see the structure and colour held within it? This is your chance, and we’re here to help you capture that moment in a set of breathtaking professional travel photographs.



We take our cameras with us everywhere, because where ever you are, there are stories to be told, and we just love doing that.

As Professional Photographers we primarily use images to tell stories and we love to add words to extend the narrative. 

As you scroll down, you'll see snippets of our adventures,   tap on the image or title to read and see so much more.



Each and everyday, we see images on a screen, an electronic representation of a scene outside. I remember being told that my images needed to be brought out from this electronic environment and into the physical.

We are proud to finally bring this work into print.


Fine Art

We take ourselves to places, scenes unfold before our eyes and every now and again, when we are really lucky it all lines up. What many people don't see, is the magic that happens after the shutter was pressed. The time when I, the photographer, sit with these images and my emotions. Utilising the tools I have spent thousands of hours mastering, I produce something that stands out. This work demands to be printed large. To honour the true beauty of the image they are limited editions. These aren't works that you see every day,  they are something special, and they are now available for you to enjoy time and time again.



For so many of us, when the weather report tells of an approaching storm we plan for the worst. We know that we will be confined to inside for a while. Food in the cupboards and jobs to be done. I, myself, start to become excited. As the storm approaches the atmosphere changes. Water in the heavens are pushed around by the starkly varying pressures of the air.  As the photons navigate their way through this turbulent environment, their dance produces vistas for us to stand back and wonder at. The challenge of processing these photons is immense. How can I represent to you what I see with my own eyes. I love a good storm.



We're not just about prints from our own adventures. We all have those times in life that we wish we could have documented visually, we're here to help you make that happen with the greatest of ease.



Your wedding deserves a photographer who creates images reflecting all the joy and happiness from your unforgettable day. Right from the very beginning we ensure that we will be the right people for you.

On the day we'll be everywhere, aside from under your feet. Locations and shots will have been discussed previously giving you one less thing to worry about. It's a priviledge for us to be part of this special day which we respect and honour the entire time.


Special Moments

Reaching for your phone to capture those special moments in life doesn't always cut it. There will always be one person missing from these images and many more that you just haven't quite seen yet.

Our style allows us to see and capture those moments for you, your family and your friends. From making pancakes first thing in the morning, through to spending time together in nature, we will create a set of images that transport you back to those special moments time and time again



Sporting events, festivals, conferences ... you name it, we've shot it.

We are committed to being with you right from the very beginning, helping you plan how best to visually represent your event before the event begins, leaving you the time and space to get on with running the event on the day.

You'll need images quickly, for the press and that timely social media post. We totally get this and will work with you on a plan to ensure this happens.

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