Christmas Eve with the Garcia's

Glenorchy - South Island Points of Interest

Christmas Eve was the perfect day for us to take the Garcia’s, who were visiting Queenstown from the Philippenes, on our ‘To the Top and Back’ photography tour. They opted to travel in our 2015 Land Rover Defender, which has all of the classic looks on the outside and with the full leather interior all of the modern comforts on the inside.

As part of our luxury private service, we pick up our clients from where they are staying in the Wakatipu Basin. You choose the start time which suits you. We understand that vacations can be busy and hectic, and we’ll do everything we can to work around what you’re doing. This is your holiday, why would you want to work to someone else’s timetable? The rest of the day is structured like this, around you and what you’re looking for.

We have a few ideas about where we would like to take you, how long we spend on each stop is dictated by you. Along the way, we will share stories of the Lake and this magical place we call home. You’ll taste honey and experience native bush first hand. We are DOC Approved, SMS Safety Audit Certified and NZTA Licensed Operators, so you can relax knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Bobs Cove - Walk through the Native Bush to access this 100% Pure NZ location

Bob’s Cove

Because we are a DOC Approved provider, we’re allowed to guide and photograph you on DOC land in and around Queenstown. This allows us to provide the perfect Kiwi Experience. As we guide you, we’ll be photographing your adventure. Many photographs will be candid and others will be setup, you’ll end up with an amazing set of Professional Holiday Photographs as a permanent reminder of your unforgettable trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.

Bob’s Cove is close to Queenstown CBD and a perfect place for you to stretch your legs a little. A short walk through some native bush will reward you with quiet bay featuring the typical Lake Wakatipu pebble beach and that world famous crystal clear blue water. This is also the perfect spot for your little ones to practice skimming stones.

Helping you really immerse yourself in the locality, we’ve selected some local honey’s for you to try and you’ll keep this healing sweet taste in your mouth as we walk back to the Land Rover checking out the native bush along the way.

Tasting local New Zealand Honey at Bob's Cove in Queenstown

Lakeside Destinations

One of the main advantages of the AuthenticAs Bespoke Photography Tours is that we’re not working to a fixed timetable. This private 4WD adventure is all about you! We know all the places to stop so you can relax and soak up the experience of Queenstown New Zealand’s points of interest.

As you look towards Glenorchy, the small township which sits at the head of the lake, the views are incredible. On a calm day the mountains reflect in the still water, shimmering their beauty. The glaciers offer up glimpses of snow which make the most amazing backdrop for your professional holiday photography.

DOC Approved and SMS Safety Audit Certified

Glenorchy Township

Glenorchy Wharf and Boatshed are without a doubt one of New Zealand’s main Iconic Points of Interest. We stop here for lunch and then explore these famous places with you capturing your holiday moments in beautiful photographs. The lake is the most beautiful blue and we’re starting to get up close and personal with these majestic mountains which line the lakes edge.

There are a number of small boutique gift stores here which are perfect to pick up those holiday souvenirs or presents for your loved ones back home. Our private 4WD tours allow you to set the pace, the aim is for you to relax and enjoy all that rural New Zealand has to offer its visitors.


As we leave Glenorchy behind us, we head towards Paradise. Paradise is aptly named, there is no shop, no pub, no school, there are however jaw dropping 360 degree views. Mountains surround us here and you feel as though you really have entered Middle Earth.

Our Land Rovers have no problems whatsoever travelling along the gravel road and crossing the many streams which flow right across it. As DOC concession holders we are licensed to take you into this stunning landscape which is just the perfect backdrop for your professional holiday photographs.

We’ll navigate through the beech forest and stop alongside one of the larger streams where you can enjoy this amazing clear water as it cascades over these beautiful stones. This is your opportunity to get your feet wet and really connect with this beautiful place.

DOC Approved and SMS Safety Audit Certified