Starry Nights  Travel Photography


We love taking 360 degree panoramas of our night sky, especially with you in them


One of Queenstown's greatest attractions is the night sky. Have you ever wanted to stare right into the centre of our galaxy with your naked eye and be able to see the structure and colour held within it? This is your chance, and we’re here to help you capture that moment in a set of breathtaking professional travel photographs.

We love astrophotography and cherish every chance we get to explore the Wakatipu Basin at night, why not come and share this incredible travel experience with us?

Deep in Simon’s past lies a BSc(hons) Physics with Astrophysics, so like our Land Rovers, astro is in our blood. We love the planning and the anticipation that you get with Astro, because let’s face it, it’s weather dependant. We understand this and do everything we can to ensure that your Starry Starry Night out with us will be memorable for many years to come.

Astrophotography is an area of photography which is considerably helped by technology. We shoot Nikon. Simon is a Nikon NZ Featured Photographer and has become inseparable from his D850 (one of the most powerful DSLR’s on the market producing a whopping 46.5MB RAW image). Couple this with the highest quality of Nikon lenses available, we’re able to capture you under the stars in the minimum time possible. This then allows us time to move around the landscape a little and capture a few different angles of your unforgettable Starry Starry Night NZ Photography Tour.

We drive Land Rovers. Part of our professional travel photography service is that we transport you in luxury and safety from your accommodation to our locations and back again. Our vehicles are certified to carry passengers, insured in all the correct ways and of course we have our current passenger endorsements on our drivers licences.

DOC Certified and OutdoorsMark Safety Audited

We know many easy to access locations so we can get the best possible vistas in the least amount of time and effort for our Professional Travel Photography Packages

One of our private locations, perfect for Astro Portraits


Have you wondered when the best time to go star gazing is? Dark clear skies are the best conditions to see the stars, unfortunately this doesn’t happen every night, we certainly wish it did, although here in the Southern Lakes, the skies are often clear. The Moon also has an enormous influence, with the darkest skies being around the New Moon.

Even when the moon is full, we can offer the most amazing lunar portrait sessions, you'll be blown away with what you see by moonlight. The time of year plays a part, the long nights of winter really are the best, if you’re prepared to stay up late it doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, we can beautifully photograph you under the stars.

We work with you to plan the best possible time for you to come with us on your personalised Starry Nights Queenstown photography tour. You tell us when you be visiting the Southern Lakes and we’ll get to work planning.

We’ve lived here for years, so we completely understand how fast the weather can change, so we’ll be working alongside you to find the best weather window closer to the time for us to go out and capture beautiful photographs for you and yours.

Our Land Rover Defender loves Astro Missions

Our Land Rover Discovery


Our 2015 Land Rover Defender - Classic and rugged on the outside, yet modern and plush on the inside

Easy to access locations in the Wakatipu Basin

Standing Under The Stars Together

Standing Under The Stars Together

We can even give you tips on your own Astrophotography and photograph you as you work on your skills. What a way to help create incredible memories of your life.

This could be you, standing under the galactic core

No visible Galactic Core? No worries. We still capture outstanding night-time photographs of the New Zealand Landscape with you in them