Aurora Hunting


With rumours of the Lady Aurora coming to visit last night I was promptly kicked out of the house to go in search. The moon is up and fairly bright, so I wasn't really that hopeful of seeing anything in the skies to the south.

I have however been thinking about a spot to shoot from for quite some time and my lazy ass attitude has stopped me from visiting. It would appear that our hike along the Hooker Valley has awoken a little something inside me.

It was one of those beautiful clear nights, hardly a breath of wind and I found myself wandering across the tussock filled landscape with hardly an need for a light. 
My spot of choice wasn't so far from where I had thought and it was an absolute beaut. I could hear a stream running in the valley below, a slight hum from the snow making machines and a few birds circling above me.

For about two and a half hours I just existed in this place by myself. Nature has a lot to offer if only we take the time to go and explore and sit with ourselves and everything around us.

I will be going back here again, more than once, and I'm very much hoping that the explorer gene has been woken again