Oh Wanaka

Dreamy still Lake Wanaka


I lived in Wanaka for 12 years. Many of the reason I stayed that long were connected with this view. Everyday you see it, it's different. Everyday it's beautiful in its that moments particular way.

On this particular morning, there was hardly a breath of wind and the water was as still as a mill pond. The lilacs in the sky reflecting off the water, isn't that just grand? You see like this enough to be satisfied, but not so much that you become complacent about it.

I believe that it's incredibly important for us, humans, to be able to call a place home which we truly love, for what lies in the place and also in its community. The community of Wanaka is changing rapidly. I'm not sure that I'm liking the direction that is moving in, but those that are living there seem to be happy enough, and who am I to say that they are wrong and I am right?

What worries me though, is that perhaps not so much on the surface, but what lies beneath what we see is changing rapidly too. Not in a good way. This Lake isn't as healthy as the tourism companies and various government departments and councils would like you to think.