An hour by the lake

Taking in a little bit of Lake Time


Have you heard about Lake Time? It’s when you go and spend some time next to one of our beautiful lakes. The Māori word for water - wai, is also used when talking about energy, especially our energy. Wai Māori is a term used in Te Ao Māori (the Māori World) to describe our life force, the energy that drives us, keeps us going and ultimately plays an important role in who we are.

We believe that spending time near water is good for our souls. It’s a practice that we have developed over the years and we usually take our camera with us. Taking photographs helps us notice the world around us more.

We understand that you might not be into taking photographs as much as we are, however we also believe that during your trip to Queenstown, you’d really love having a little bit of Lake Time and adding in a beautiful set of photographs that would be the icing on the cake.

This beach is one of many destinations we can take you to during one of our ‘Around the Basin’ photo tours. We pick you up in one of our Land Rovers and take you on a photoshoot like you’ve never known before, the perfect souvenir for your time here in Queenstown. Follow the link to find out more and securely book your bespoke luxury tour right now.


The light makes it through the cloud, not only do we photograph you, we also create you beautiful landscape shots as well