Astro Portraits

It all started a few weeks ago when we were driving around the south island on one of our New Zealand photography tours. Staying at the Bealey Hotel, the Waimakariri running past, I found a huge expanse of flat. The milky way was rising and the half moon shared the sky. 

I soon realised there was too much light in the atmosphere for a beaut of a Milky Way adorned landscape photograph, however, if I were to pop myself in there then I would be illuminated with this soft light. Now that could make a pretty cool selfie.

Given my love for sneakers and fashion the resulting photograph excited me somewhat. I got to thinking about how I could illuminate someone / my self, in a way that I could bust out a real rad portrait or on foot shot in the dead of night.

Having recently acquired PhotoPills to help me understand with great ease where the Milky Way will lie in relation to my favourite vistas, I discovered that lying in bed, it was indeed right above my head.

What kind of professional photographer would I be if I simply stayed there and didn't extend my skills somewhat? Introducing a strobe helped to illuminate my self and the house in a breathtaking way, this really does take architectural photography to a new level too. 

These two experiments lead directly to last night, when finally I managed to get myself, my sneakers and the Milky Way all illuminated and exposed in one shot.



Would you like to have a portrait of yourself, your family, your friends under the beautiful dark skies? Regardless of if you live here or are just here visiting, we would love to help you make this happen. All you have to do is and we can easily guide you through that process. We can even come and pick you up and drop you back off at your hotel in one of our luxuryLand Rover 4WD's.