Arming one’s self with a camera when we visit foreign climes is always a good idea. An easily accessible method to lose yourself, blending into the background of this intriguing new place. With only 19 hours in Hong Kong, some very trusty guides and friends, I was off. The search of the holy grail. Fingers crossed, there may be a few if I’m being honest with you.

I’d never stepped foot outside of an Asian airport before now. I’ve lived in places where many Asian cultures have been present, yet I’d never connected culture to place. To me, this is important. We cannot be who we be, if we do not have a solid connection to at least one place. Lose sight of this and I’d say you’re doomed. When learning about cultures other than my own, it’s so valuable to me to be able to experience, first hand the place where this Eastern culture hails from.

The market stalls blew my mind. The hustle and bustle, mind boggling. The architecture and building techniques, sublime. The spiritual connection in the every day, something I’ve never witnessed first hand before.

Entering the Man Mo Temple, it was easy to find the classics. You can tell why, they are quite simply stunning.Releasing so much pleasure and connection as the shutter depressed time and time again. Then, all of a sudden and by total surprise, here it is.

An open door bearing the message of telling me to go no further. Yet it’s open. A glimpse behind the scenes, the doorway into a more modern world so different to the one of the temple, yet one that held it tight in it’s modern embrace. Spirituality enclosed with the modern urban world. A juncture of preparation and celebration, initially in private, then brought to the wider audience with intention and message intact. Raring to go.

Signed Limited Edition of 10

Printed on Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk

841mm x 594mm

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