First Fall

First Fall


As the first snow of the season begins to fall, the change is apparent. It’s thick, then it’s thin. Most notably, it’s cold.

There is this crispness that lies in the air. The knowledge that it will soon warm does little to comfort us. As we wait for the light to slide its way down the east facing slopes, the colours change. The blues play against the light magentas. The subtle features of the landscape lying way above start to make themselves known.

Even by this afternoon, this early season dusting may have left. The only trace is a slightly colder ground. One preparing itself for more. The grips of the season beginning to make themselves known. We prepare to sit back, make ourselves warm and commence winter activities.

Signed Limited Edition of 10

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matt 308gsm

1000mm x 667mm

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