This colour palette and texture reminds of a fairytale of time gone by. The stillness of the water as it’s pushed down by the air hold mystery and intrigue. Is it really this calm, or is there something lurking underneath we are yet to see?
The mist as it rises from between the ridges, nestled within the gulleys leading up from the water's edge, tell me that the temperature is rising. The moist mountain sides are slowly but surely beginning to release the water from their surface. We can start to gauge a depth, some form of distance to the vista laid out before us.
The jagged forms dance around each other giving rise to thoughts of how they were created. What exactly did happen thousands of years ago? The peaks in the foreground appear to be huge, yet would be dwarfed by those in the distance. The clouds descending from above hide their height and the vague light which does pass through reveals only snippets of what lies beneath.
As always we can stand here and look, question the value of our own existence in the grand scheme of things. We are so young, so small, yet here we stand intelligent enough to be able to comprehend something so much larger than ourselves. To wonder in the history that is our place. Should it not be of comparison, but thoughts of integration, they are us and we are them. As the clouds merge with the land, so do we. If only we take the time to allow ourselves to stand still and become at one. After all, isn’t that what all great fairytales are about?

Signed Limited Edition of 10

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matt 308gsm

841mm x 561mm

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