Dreams are so important in my life. If I meditate during the day, then I will dream lucidly that evening. I believe it is the space in which my subconscious can almost communicate with my conscious, as accessed through deep meditation also.

I dream in colour, smells, sounds, the full shebang. Some mornings, or afternoons, and occasionally evenings, I wake having been on quite the adventure. Many of these dreams guide me and I also believe that there are guides waiting there for me as well, especially when they are most needed.

I’ve had conversations there that have continued on in the real world through other ways. I could almost think it’s spooky, but what’s the point, it is what it is, and what it is for me is what I observe. Just because I was asleep doesn’t make it any less valid. My dreams look like this photograph on a good day.

I often dream in textures.

I shot this, as I shoot many images like this, but it was only in processing that the true power of this image came through. The intention behind it all, opening myself up to allow my self to trust and believe in what is my dream space. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible and the extending the wonder of the universe into dimensions yet fully explored.

SignedLimited Edition of 10

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matt 308gsm

594mm x 420mm

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