Cromwell Tales

Cromwell Tales


From simple to exceedingly complex. The transition as the sun battles the low lying fog is unbelievable. They say give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. It’s almost as though on mornings like this the sun believes this to be its mantra.

The hillsides in the distance tell tales, just like they should do. The ever changing landscape, marked by man and natural events serving to record all that they see. 

The horizon, the part of the scene which we wish to anchor ourselves to, it’s there but not quite. Will our eyes every settle? Do we want them to? Journeying through yet another under appreciated portion of our land. How often to we look at our anchor points and stay fixed with them? Do we dare to move away into the detail? 

Do were dare? Now isn’t that a fine question to ask our self?

Signed Limited Edition of 10

Printed on Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk

594mm x 420mm

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