Autumnal Mist 1

Autumnal Mist 1


Let’s face it, summer has been hardly anything to write home about this year has it? It’s almost as if the universe has had some form of equation to keep balanced these last few weeks. It seemed to me that beautiful light events have been severely lacking. Perhaps this observation is merely due to the way I shoot and process. Perhaps not.

What I do know, is that during last few weeks, as autumn drew her veil across the landscapes, something major has changed in the way I am viewing what’s around me. Or more to the point, what is presented to us all has just been noticeably made more visually stunning.

This scene is very familiar to me, one I see on a daily basis. I get lost in the layers, the subtle dance that the photons are making with the dust in the air. A stillness that I cannot ignore, it passes through everything that I am. As I stand feet firmly rooted to the ground, my gazing and capturing is laying the foundations for what I will have to work with later.

Signed Limited Edition of 10

Printed on Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk

1000mm x 667mm

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