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Each and everyday, we see images on a screen, an electronic representation of a scene out side. I remember being told that my images needed to be brought out from this electronic environment and into the physical.

We are proud to finally bring this work into print.


Fine Art

We take ourselves to places, scenes unfold before our eyes and every now and again, when we are really lucky it all lines up. What many people don't see, is the magic that happens after the shutter was pressed. The time when I, the photographer, sits with these images and my emotions. Utilising the tools I have spent thousands of hours mastering, I produce something that stands out. This work demands to be printed large. To honour the true beauty of the image it's more limited. These aren't works that you see every day,  they are something special, and they are now available for you to enjoy time and time again.



For so many of us, when the weather report tells of an approaching storm we plan for the worst. We know that we will be confined to inside for a while. Food in the cupboards and jobs to be done. I, myself, start to become excited. As the storm approaches the atmosphere changes. Water in the heavens pushed around by the starkly varying pressures of the air.  As the photons navigate their way through this turbulent environment, their dance produces vistas for us to stand back and wonder at. The challenge of processing these photons is immense. How can I represent to you what I see with my own eyes. I love a good storm.