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About US


We’re Emma and Simon, the owners and operators of AuthenticAs, a bespoke professional photography business based in Queenstown New Zealand. At the core of our business lie many breathtaking images which we create in numerous ways.

What we offer isn’t a one size fits all, we work with you - our clients, to deliver exactly what you’re looking for and more often than not exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for. We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ll know it when I see it” - that’s us.

Have a read through what we have to say about our work below, accompanied of course with some of our breathtaking imagery to give you more of an idea of what we’re about. There’s more to find in the ‘Stories’ we write and then you simply have to to get the ball rolling.


Professional Holiday Photographs with a Difference

Our tours are here to offer a refreshingly different take on tourism, photography and storytelling. We’re based in Queenstown and operate all across the Deep South of New Zealand. We’re passionate and knowledgeable about our place, which we’ll share with you as we venture around together in one of our luxurious Land Rovers.

Along the way, we’ll be capturing breathtaking images of you in this magical place. With over a decade of experience in Education for Sustainability, we’ll guide you around our place with ease and introduce you to some amazing flora and fauna. It’s a photoshoot like you’ve never known, creating the most beautiful memories for you to enjoy in decades to come.

We’re all different, so to help you along the way we’ve come up with a few pre-designed tours, which are flexible enough to adapt to our ever changing weather patterns. Alternatively, if you’re keen on somewhere in particular we’ll work with you to create the most perfect tour possible. We run our tours all year round, although there will be some times when it’s simply not possible to visit certain areas due to the weather conditions.

Tasman Lake

Improve your Photography & Breathtaking Behind the Scenes Shots

Our photography workshops take various forms and capitalise upon our vast experience and knowledge of photography, facilitation and storytelling. We offer full day / night group workshops based around three main different types of photography; Action sports, landscapes and Astro.

We’ll lead you through the basics of what your camera does in an engaging and hands on way. Constantly building on the knowledge you already have, as well as introducing you to a plethora of tips and tricks, you’ll find that you’re create more and more beautiful images right from the get go.

We combine our tours and workshops allowing you to learn as you visit these stunning locations and South Island points of interest with us. These experiences are created especially for you, and as you’re practicing what we’ve taught you, we’ll be creating the most beautiful collection of behind the scenes images to compliment the photographs you take yourself as well as being on hand to offer you support and further knowledge. These ‘How to Tours’ are perfect for the keen photographer who is travelling with their partner, family and friends who might not be quite as into the craft as they are.

Manesh Bobs Cove
Manesh at Tasman Lake

We love Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of our passions and our images and stories grace the pages of many a mountain biking magazine. We’re often found outside the tape at local mountain bike club races and events, capturing the day in our own unique way. As keen mountain bikers ourselves, we know you love having photos of yourself shredding your favourite trails. We’re here to help you get the best images possible. If you’re visiting here on a mind blowing mountain biking holiday, we can help you create the perfect holiday souvenir. We work with you to ensure that you’ll get photos you’ll look back on with pride for decades to come.


Beautifully documenting your wedding day

If you’re big day is coming up, we’d love to talk to you about our documentary style Wedding Photography. If you’re looking for those heart stopping, magic moment photographs, then we’re here to help you every a step of the way. We work with you for the whole day, fitting in around you capturing those special moments that can only happen on your big day. At all times we are very much aware that this is your wedding day, not a photoshoot. We’ll disappear together to get those special shots but it will be at a time that suits your schedule, not ours. Since we love planning, we’ll have plans for all kinds of weather and light conditions. And did you see our beautiful Land Rovers? they’re just perfect for your special day.

Rich & Tiff Coromandel
Lani & Hugh Garage
Lani & Hugh bridal party
Lani & Hugh Wharf

Event photography

Sports events, social gatherings and corporate functions rock our world. Why would you want to take yourself away from the heart of the action to grab photos on your phone when AuthenticAs can easily document your occasion for you. We take pride in the way we plan these shoots. We’ve worked with newspapers and magazines for years, so we’ll provide you with everything you need for the visual side of your press releases, editors love it when they’re provided with professional photography to use alongside your copy.


The last few details

You’ll want to show off your images as soon as possible, so we make the commitment to deliver a small selection to you by mid morning the next day, and if you have something more urgent for use in press releases and such like then all you have to do is tell us what your deadlines are and we’ll come up with a plan. The rest of the images are usually delivered within 2 weeks electronically when you’ll then be able to let us know which ones you’d like printing which we’ll arrange for you to happen as soon as possible and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Health and Safety is extremely important for us, we want everyone to enjoy a safe and relaxing time when they’re with us. We’ve both got our P endorsements to drive our certified vehicles and our first aid training means that we’re more than prepared for the unexpected. You can sit back and relax as we create breathtaking photographs for you to enjoy for decades to come.